How it began

Remote Eastcoasters was birthed in the end of 2019 following the initial hearing of the concept of the first Digital Nomad Village in Madeira – Ponta do Sol.

Dina de Freitas´curiosity as to what was the stir and why not Machico started rooting thoughts in her mind. After much deliberation and research she managed to contact Goncalo Hall (entrepreneur / founder) and Carlos Lopes (CEO Startup Madeira).Goncalos approach to creating a community was the foundation of a nomad village. Dina then found Sandra Gouveia ( local freelancer/ copywriter) and together the very first whatsapp group Eastcoasters was found. Today it is Remote Eastcoasters. ( aka REC) and without hesitation the approach of starting a Digital Nomad Village in Machico, Madeira began.

A vision in her mind to bring about noticeable impact in Machico with locals and remote workers she began. Building a strong foundation was the challenge, and building a community from scratch was no easy task either. Dina as an AL property manager started to invite guests that she would check- in into their various apartments asking questions whether they were digital nomads or just nomads, and if they wanted to hangout for some drinks or a coffee. From 2 members to 5 and then 15. REC began to show growth.It felt like family.  Organizing the first yoga  session on the beach once a week, inviting people into the whatsapp chat and slowly and organically the word spread and the chat group grew. Digital Nomads Madeira then added our community on their website, opening up Machico as another Digital Nomad Village of was official. 

Various activities started to take shape from Fitness twice a week, yoga, hiking, potlucks, community lunches just to name a few. And eventually Nomads started to offer workshops and together this community was established.

Today 2023 with 370 members and growing we have been able to see the rewards of consistency and effort. Today we have digital nomads of all job descriptions from all over the world come to stay in Machico. The impact is clear and the vision to create connections and integrate locals with remote workers is apparent. 

Dina has since started a Non Profit Organisation Amparo Nomad Cultural Experience to create further impact and fundamental advancements to gain funding or donations for The Workspace and members who are committed to this project. 


Association Amparo Nomad Cultural Experience

The Association aims to integrate digital nomads, remote workers,
entrepreneurs, visionaries, freelancers, artists, foreign community and others interested
in this theme in the ecosystem of Madeira Island, their interaction, sharing of
knowledge and experiences with the local community and this with those, promoting
growth and innovation in the digital, social and cultural area. The pillars of the
association will be personal development, physical and mental well-being, social
responsibility, and inclusion through the development of activities, which include, but
are not limited to:

  1. the development of sports activities and physical and mental well-being
  2. the development of social responsibility, charitable, and non-profit initiatives
    and events
  3. the assistance to local organizations in post-pandemic and other similar
    situations that require assistance
  4. the promotion of regional products and articles ‘made in Madeira’
  5. the development of activities to promote Madeira to the community, such as
  6. the creation of digital and non-digital content, workshops and knowledge sharing at events
  7. the promotion of local art and culture.